Advisory Board

The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation Advisory Board consists of experts on our Medical Committee, Legal Committee, and Family Committee.

To contact any of the members, please email or call (212) 576-1180.

Andreas Jeromin, Neuroscience

Andrew Mass, Neuroscience

Armando Rotondi, Medicine

Beth Slomine, Neuropsychology

Brenda Brown, Certified Brain Injury Specialis

Carol Macmillan, Pediatrics

Cecil Reynolds, Emeritus Professor Educational Psychology / Neuroscience

Charles Cox, Pediatric Surgery

Christopher Giza, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery

Christoph Greiner, Professor Neuroscience

Christoph Kellinghaus, Neurology

Colleen Wunderlich, Pediatric Rehabilitation Physician

Daniel Winchester, Adjunct Assistant Professor Speech Pathology

David Allen Hovda, Director, UCLA Brain Injury Research Cente

David Mooney, Assistant Professor of Surgery

David Salsberg, Neuropsychology

Deborah Gaebler Spira, Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Pediatrics

Deborah Little, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation

Desmond Kimo Runyan, Professor Social Medicine and Pediatrics

Donald G Stein, Professor Emergency Medicine

Drew Davis, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Edwin Simpser, Pediatrics

Elizabeth Moberg Wolff, Medical Director, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Associates

Gary Bedell, Occupational Therapy

George I Jallo, Program Director, Neurosurgery

Gerard A Gioia, Pediatric Neuropsychology

Gillian A Hotz, Neurological Surgery

Harvey E Jacobs, Psychiatry

Harvey S Levin, Professor and Director of Research

Heather M Snyder, Executive Director in Clinical Research and Development

Hudson G Taylor, Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology

James Baumgartner, Pediatric Neurosurgery

James J Hudziak, professor Medicine & Pediatrics / Psychiatry

Jane M R Gillett, Medical Director / Associate Professor Department of Medicine

Janice L Cockrell, Medical Director, Pediatric Rehabilitation

Javier Cardenas, Child Neurologist

Jeanne E Dise, Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Psychiatry

Jed A Hartings, Research Assistant Professor – Neurosurgery

Jeffrey E Max, Clinical Director

Jill V Hunter, Professor of Radiology

Jimmy W Huh, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Jodi L Smith, Associate Professor Department of Neurological Surgery

John W Kuluz, Pediatric Intensivist

Joseph A Iocono, Pediatric Surgery

Joseph J Tepas, Professor of Surgery & Pediatrics

Juan A V Priento, Pediatric Neurosurgery

J. Wayne Meredith, Pediatric Trauma

Kirsten A Bechtel, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Maliheh Mohamadpour, Medical Director / Director of International Projects (Sarah Jane Brain Foundation)

Marie J Hayes, Professor, Psychology

Mark H Pedrotty, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology

Mark R Proctor, Asistant Professor of Surgery

Mark S Wainwright, Associate Professor – Department of Pediatrics

Mary E Aitken, Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Maureen R Nelson, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Mauro F Oddo, Research Physician

Michael A Alexander, Professor, Pediatrics & Rehabilitation Medicine

Michael W Collins, Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

Michael E Msall, Professor of Pediatrics

Monica S Vavilala, Associate Director, Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center

Nancy A Murphy, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics

David P Adelson, Chief, Department of Neurosurgery

Paul M Berger, Clinical Neuropsychology

Peter J Duquette, Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Peter D Patrick, Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Rachel P Berger, Asst. Professor of Pediatrics

Roberta DePompei, Distinguished Professor School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Scott D Lindgren, Professor of Pediatrics

Shannon J Smith, ssistant Professor Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation

Shari Wade, Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Shawn K Acheson, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Sherilyn Driscoll, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Simon Fleminger, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Stanley E Grogg, Intern Pesident and Dean, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Steven G Kernie, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology & Cell Biology

Steven L Weinstein, Director, Pediatric Epilepsy Program

Susan S Miller, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Thomas_Lehmann, Dept of Neurosurgery

Ulrich Thomale, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Victor Pedro, Chiropractor

Adam Frey, Public Policy

Alexander C D Giza, Legal – General Litigation, Patent Litigation / Prosecution, and Appellate Matter

Andrew Levine, Legal – Medical Malpractice, Product Defects, General Negligence, and Automobile accident cases

Andrew L Libo, Legal -Complex Litigation involving Catastrophic Injuries

Barbara G Quackenbos, Legal – Health care, including regulatory and litigation / Board Member for Sara Jane Brain Foundation

William D Harper, Legal – Civil Trial

Bruce Stern, Legal – Civil Trial

Charles G Monnett III, Legal – Injury, Medical Negligence

Christopher J Keane, Legal – Injured, Abused and Deceased Children

Douglas K Sheff, Legal, personal injury law

Frank Toral, Sr. Partner – TBI, Spinal Cord Injury and Wrongful Death

Frederick A Provorny, Professor / Founder & President of the Center for New Technology Enterprise

Fredric S Newman, Legal, Litigator

Guy W Crabtree, Legal – Personal Injury and wrongful death

Howard Raphaelson, Legal – Personal Injury

James Featherstonhaugh, Legal

J.Charles Haynes, Legal – Executive director, Society for Neuro-Oncology

Jeff S Korek, Litigator – Medical malpractice and construction accidents

Karen A Duquette, JD

Kristin E Hildebrant, Attorney at Ohio Legal Rights Service

Marie L Gibson, Partner M & A, Corporate and Securities Law

Mark, Legal – Brain Injury

Martin Edelman, Legal – International Real Estate and Corporate transactions

Michael V Kaplen, Civil Trial Law / Professional Liability-Medical Malpractice

Peter Blanck, Professor

Robert T Grand, Managing Partner – Public Finance and Governmental Regulation

Robert Hettleman, Lead Counsel / Board of Advisor for Sarah Jane Brain Foundation

Roger N Braden, Medical Malpractice / Personal Injury / Health Law / Mediator

Steven M Fink, Legal – Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Lead poisoning, Pharmaceutical and class action matters

Steven M Gursten, Legal – Personal Injury / Legal Advisor for Sarah Jane Brain Foundation

Steven A Shapiro, Medical Malpractice / Personal Injury / Litigation / Health Risk

Stewart M Casper, Legal – Personal Injury Claim

Thomas Henson Jr., Litigation Attorney

Ann Glang, Special Education

Barbara Geiger Parker, CEO of the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey.

Bonnie Todis, Associate Research Professor Special Education

Cindy Munn, Executive Director Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

Craig Sears, Traumatic Brain Injury TBI survivors

Darryl Gibbs, Parent Spokesperson

Eileen Elias, Senior Policy Advisor on Mental Health and Disabilities

Etienne E Pracht, Associate Professor of Health Policy & Management

Gavin Attwood, Executive Director, Brain injury Association of Colorado

Gigi McMillan, Consultant, Childrens Brain Tumor Foundation

Glenn E Groesch, Director – Telehealth Networks and Programs

James J Heckman, Professor of Economics

Janet S Tyler, Special Education, Co-Director, Kansas State Department of Edu.

Judy L Dettmer, Director, TBI Program, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Julie H Barrow, Clinical Instructor, / Program Administrator

Karen S Divito, Director, Rehabilitation Programs

Katherine A Kimes, Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Keith O Yeates, Director, Division of Psychology

Kristin A King, Assistant Professor Audiology and Speech Pathology

Kurt W Fischer, Editor (Founding), Mind, Brain, and Education

Lori G Cook, Research Coordinator/ Research Clinician

Louis V Siracusano, Financial Advisor

Margaret Mikol, Executive Director, SKIP of New York

Marilyn Barr, Founder and Executive Director for the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Marilyn H Lash, Clinical Assistant Professor(Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Mariusz Ziejewski, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mark S Ylvisaker, Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Marsha Sampson, Director- Montana Center on Disabilities

Marybeth Singleton, Parent of Traumatized war veteran

Mary Kennedy, Associate Professor Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Mckay M Sohlberg, Coordianor of CDS Graduate Studies, University of Oregon

Michael F Dabbs, President, Brain Injury Association of Michigan

Michael W Davis, President and Senior Case Manager

Nushka M Remec, Staff Physical Therapist

Patricia S Haldeman, Parent of Traumatic patient

Margaret E. Molloy, Founder & President, Vista Partners, LLC

Phillip Hossler, Athletic Trainers

Rebecca Gordon, Registered Nurse

Rene Carfi, Director of Community & Information Services

Robert A Murphy, Licensed Psychologist / North Carolina State Medical Assistance Team

Robert Silverstein, Federal Regulatory and Legislative Practice

Robin Morlier, Bilingual Speech Pathologist

Ronald C Savage, Rehabilitation, Education & Case Management Training Services

Sandra B Chapman, Professor;Department of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Shaheen Usmani, Adjunct Assistant Professor- The School of Education

Shannon Robshaw, Executive Director – Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

Sharon M Grandinette, Traumatic Brain Injury (ATBI) Educational Consultant / Advisory Board Member for Sarah Jane Brain Foundation

Shelly M Grinde, Center for Disabilities, Associate Director of Services

Susan Riddick-Grisham, Registered Nurse

Tami P Guerrier, Assistant Director, Research, Carolinas Rehabilitation

Tanya Brown, Asst. Professor of Psychology

Vicky Youcha, Child Development Specialist

Wayne A Gordon, Professor, Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine

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